Customer experiences

Yönder Schools

As Diba Education Institutions, we opened the Yonder Maltepe location in 2006. We obviously knew what kind of acoustic problems we would experience in the classroom and common areas of our newly planned school, which we attach special importance to in many stages. The researches of both our architect friends and ourselves on this subject have brought us to Mod Design, especially in preventing the noise of the human voice in such a difficult subject. We talked and expressed our general vision, noise suppression and correct classroom dynamics and common space efficiency. They told us about their product scales and human voice analysis, and we were convinced. The tests carried out at Tübitak, the images of this test, the many test certificates received, and the product ranges in all levels from C segment to A in human voice absorption satisfied us. A demo was made immediately. In the demo, we saw in the classroom application that a teacher’s classroom dominance, uninterrupted communication, and accuracy of in-class acoustic concepts were ensured. In this regard, we have decided to carry out this application in all common areas, especially in classroom applications. In fact, an even more special work has been carried out in our cafeteria, preventing mechanical sound reflections together with the human voice, along with the visual feast. I and all my colleagues, especially my institution, have to express with the comfort provided by this application that it has been a really great work; thank you very much for this. As you have supported us for many years in this regard, we will be happy to support you with references. Thank you.

Yonder Schools
Maltepe Campus School Manager





Erişim Customer Service

Towards the end of 2016, the renovation process of our service building in Istanbul began. The Call Center has different dynamics. It was very important for us to design by knowing these dynamics. We wanted to create a spacious office environment that prioritized the comfort of the employees, facilitated communication with each other. We dreamed of going beyond the standard furniture structures that are frequently used especially for call centers and a structure that feels more modern and free.
We started to work with MOD Design, which specializes in Call Center furniture, during this process, they helped us a lot in this experience. We worked on different plans and models for days, especially with the architectural team. As a result, a structure emerged that appealed to us. When we had to move to a new service building in Eskişehir, we wanted to apply the same design in our new building. Of course, we worked with the MOD team in the process of overhauling the building, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of renovation.

Erişim Müşteri Hizmetleri A.Ş.
General Manager